All the games I've worked on.

Last updated January 20, 2018


Made in under two weeks with Greg Baxter and my friend Luneria for the "My First Game Jam" event held in the summer of 2016 on I was about to reach my junior year of high school at the time. I was the programmer, sound designer, and one of the artists on this project. This game was the first game I ever finished.

Danger Dolls

I made this for a weekly game jam. The theme was Matryoshka Dolls, so I made a puzzle game about a pair of nesting dolls. The game really only consists of the tutorial level, but I think the small, near wordless level design worked out okay.

My Demon Date

A game made with Dotorii, Comeneth, and Lysander. It's a visual novel about a blind date with a succubus. I did the coding, sound effects, and contributed a song.